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  • Our Solutions


    Survivorship Care Planning System

    Automatic personalized treatment and palliative care planning and recommendation engine.


    Survivors Need Planning System

    Engage with patients to provide support and personalize care based on their needs.


    Cancer Registry System

    Consolidate patients journey and assess plans efficiency and efficacy.


    Clinical Research Analytical System

    Enables prospective and retrospective clinical studies for precision medicine and personalized health



    Enables complex multi-modular medical image analysis and metadata managment and annotation


    Patient Identity Management

    Provides pipelines to automate suspense list generation and identity of patients smartly across boundaries

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    HIPAA & GDPR Compliant

    Multitenant & User Friendly
    Data Driven & Accurate

    Our Areas Of Work

    Precision Medicine

    Application of AI in analysing molecular biomarkers to determine the diagnostic and prognostic pathways.

    Personalized Healthcare

    Personalized guided care based on individual health and behavioural data

    Real World Evidence

    Analyse digital biomarkers from out-patient health data through connected devices and online systems.

    Preventative Care

    We offer platform as service and data as a service on Cloud.

    Latest Updates

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    About Us

    We are group of sensitive people driven by the passion to contribute their skills and experience in solving healthcare challenges many of which are global.
    Our several years of industry experience in solving business challenges using legacy and emerging technology including BIG DATA & Artificial Intelligene in managing data and generating insights gives us an opportunity to bridge the gap that exists between healthcare delivery system and the beneficiery.
    The importance of value based healthcare deliberated us to begin developing novel solutions for Oncology focussing on personalized health and precision medicine.

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    Teachnical Features of Products

    • Hosting Independent :

      The platform and its solutions is can be hosted within the premises or in the cloud. Just let us know your preference and we tailor it based on your needs.
    • Customization friendly:

      Solutions are customization & integration friendly to plugin with existing systems.
    • Scalable & reliable:

      Platform is based on distributed computing architecture to support horizontal and vertical scaling to meet the volume and velocity benchmarks.
    • Open Data Exchange:

      Its data lake can store unlimited data and can be exchanged using open APIs for clinical trials and innovation.
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    Our Partners