• What is PIM?

    Patient identity management system helps to create one single entity of patients based on key patient demographics. This system provides tools to profile, de-deduplicate or merge patients records based on rules. Update and maintain single identity as a single source of truth for all the systems.






    Patient Support


    ✜ Golden recdord -Centralize and maintain clean and fresh status of patient records.

    ✜ Suspense list -Identity duplicate entities and other data quality issues.

    ✜ Integration -One single instance helps track patient journey across hospitals and integration with other clinical systems.

  • PIM Workbench

    Offload nurses by using nursing trained nursing bots to answer patient queries in text and voice formats.



    Connects patients to support groups based on the patients needs at different stages & improves follow ups, engagements, treatment adherence and relationship between healthcare providers and patients.