• What is HPACS?

    HPACS is HDFS + PACS integration to leverage the power of distributed computing on medical diagnostic data. Multi modular medical image analysis and annotation gets handy by connecting with mobile devices. Medical image analytics becomes highly optimized powered by HDFS and deep learning models.








    ✜ Visualize multi-disciplinary viewpoint for getting deeper insights based on several data points

    ✜ Real-time clinical diagnosis in real-time during operative and non-operative procedures

    ✜ Plugged in with highly scalable and low cost BIG DATA ecosystem to power image analysis at a volume never possible before.

  • HPACS Workbench

    Visualization of multi=modular morphological diagnositc markers to avoid human errors over coming human limitation.



    Real time image anaytics, annotation portal with data sharing capabilities with different departments