• What is CRS?

    Cancer registry system maintains single identity of each patients and their entire treatment, survivorship and other outcome related data.
    System provides automated reports and visualization to assess the quality and performance of plans based on the deviation from the expected outcomes and efficiency of plans based on patient safety and other economic conditions. Integrated view of the survivorship journey of the patient and engagement history at different stages.








    ✜ Helps cancer registry manager track patient survivorship journey.

    ✜ Automatic ingestion and suspense management into registry system.

    ✜ Assess quality of plans and performance of plans with a click of a button.

    ✜ Different dashboards and reports for conducting public research.

  • CRS Workbench

    Workbench to trace every cancer patient journey. Maintain the patients key information including their communication and their involvement in any clinical research and so on.



    Assess and report the efficiency and efficacy of different plans and provide needed data to regulators.